2017: Day 17 of 365 Days

January 17, 2017

Today’s Highlights: Today was an okay day. The dogs woke me up at 4:30 AM and I was not happy about that. I took them out to go pee. I ended up putting Evie in her pen until 6:30 AM because she was ready to go for the day. I fed the dogs at 6:30 AM. I took a shower at 7:30 AM to get ready for the day. Evie had a vet appointment at 9 AM for her rabies and booster shot. We left the house at 8:20 AM because the roads were a sheet of ice, along with an inch or two of water on top of them. There was a huge rainstorm last night and it was still raining when I took Evie to the vet. The vet wasn’t even there when I got there because the back roads were completely iced over and it was impossible for cars to drive on. The vet tech ended up giving the shots to Evie, which saved me a half hour of waiting. We came home and took a nap until noon. It was a boring day because of the weather. The dogs really couldn’t burn off their energy outside because the entire yard is underwater with ice. I fed the dogs around 5:30 PM and I had McDonalds for dinner. I did give the dogs some french fries. Today was okay, but my frustration levels were high. Being stuck in the house and the weather definitely did not help with my frustration. Tomorrow will be a better day. Right now, the dogs are sleeping and I am watching Grey’s Anatomy while I am writing the post. Overall, today was okay.

Photo of the Day:


Day 17: Having a conversation about how to get muddier

Thought of the Day: Finding motivation. I think we all go through this period of time where it is difficult to get motivated. Every winter, I go through this period of time, where it is difficult for me to get motivated to do any homework or anything else. I’m not one of those people who don’t do their homework, because I would freak out if I didn’t turn in my homework. I would love to enjoy doing my homework, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. This period of lack of motivation is happening to me right now. I just don’t have the energy to do anything, but I force myself to do it. Winter definitely plays a role in the lack of motivation. The one thing that I do to help this lack of motivation is to take small steps to complete things, instead of shoving it into a big step. Another thing that does help me is the fact that I have my two dogs and they are my motivation to finishing college. When I finish college, I want to take my dogs on a vacation. Honestly, I am ready for summertime because I seem to have way more energy. It is one of the reasons why I plan on moving to a warm state. It is amazing how much cold weather can affect the energy levels of a human.

Quote of the Day: “No matter how good you are at planning, the pressure never goes away. So I don’t fight it. I feed off it. I turn pressure into motivation to do my best.”

-Ben Carson

The Winter Blues: 



Hope you enjoyed reading my post. Sorry for the depressing post! Tomorrow will be a better day. Feel free to give advice or ask questions. Hope you have an awesome day!

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