2017: Day 7 of 365 Days

January 7th, 2017

Today Highlights: Today was a lazy day. The last few weeks, I have not been able to sleep through the night and it has finally gotten to me today. I napped until 3 p.m and felt a lot better. Thank God for my mom because she was willing to babysit the dogs for me. The dogs were good all day, despite the fact that it was to cold for them to play outside. Right now, Charlie and Evie are playing before bedtime. Tomorrow is my last day of vacation before college starts up again. Overall, today was a quiet day.

Photo of Day:


1-7-2017 Day 7: Never alone ❤❤❤

Thought of the day: Preparing to go back to college. The 9th of January is the day that I go back to college for the winter semester. Am I ready? Part of me is and part of me isn’t. I still haven’t gotten my books, but I can’t get them until I get my financial aid. It’s a long process with financial aid. Tomorrow, I will be going to the store to get some notebooks, folders and note cards. For this semester, I have two online classes and two classes on campus. The thing that I am most excited about is that the campus that I will be going to is a satellite campus, which means free parking! Last semester, I was paying $7.50 for parking which is expensive! Another thing that I’ve got to prepare for is a routine. A routine that will work both for the dogs and I. I also plan on getting a blackboard or whiteboard to write down a daily routine for each day. Although, I could try implementing my routine into my phone which will go to my watch and alert me. It’s definitely going to be an interesting semester with two dogs. I am also looking into investing in a Macbook. I am looking into the differences between the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air before I decide which one I want to get. I need to get a laptop that will last for grad school. I know that three of my classes will require a computer, which is Speech Science and the two online classes. If I had to pick a class out of my schedule for this semester that I am most excited for, it would be Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation. This class excites me the most because it has a focus on Audiology. Most of the classes in my Undergrad Program are focused on Speech Pathology, so I am excited for a class about Audiology! One more day until its back to the normal life.


A Fun Fact about Me: I am a TV Junkie, which means I love my TV shows. I have a list of TV shows that I love to watch, which I am going to list below:

  1. Grey’s Anatomy
  2. Criminal Minds
  3. NCIS
  4. Bull
  5. Law and Order: SVU
  6. The Fosters
  7. Pitbulls and Parolees
  8. Blue Bloods
  9. Hawaii Five-O
  10. Fuller House

And there are many more. These ten shows are the current ones that I watch. Right now, I am rewatching Grey’s Anatomy and I am on Season 7. A lot of these shows, I started binge watching them on Netflix, which caught me up to the current season and now, I watch them on cable. When I get into a TV show, I get invested and I stay with them until the end. Do you have any favorite TV shows? Let me know!

Hope you enjoyed reading my post. Feel free to ask any questions or give me advice. Hope you have an awesome day!


Rikki Kolowich

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