365 Days 2017 (Day 5)

January 5th, 2017

Today’s Highlights: Today was another cold day, which created a boring day for the dogs and I. Although, this morning, Evie scared the crap out of me. It was 6 A.M., which was the normal time to take the dogs out to go to the bathroom, and I went out with them and watched them do their business. We had strong winds last night, which knocked over the garbage can and Evie is terrified of this can for no reason. I watched her squat to go pee and I thought it would be a smart idea to pick up the can. I turned around and she was gone because I scared her. I was freaking out! I screamed and yelled for her name! I was able to find her in the front of the house, but trying to find a puppy in the dark time is nerve wracking. I definitely learnt my lesson. I will not take my eye off of Evie. She is definitely going to give me gray hair before I turn 25. The rest of the day went smoothly, which was a good thing. Although, Evie did something that made me laugh. When Charlie and Evie play together, Evie has a one-track mind, which does not help with potty training. She was on top of Charlie and all of the sudden, Charlie jumped up. I looked over and I saw her peeing on top of Charlie. What a goofball! Overall, today has been a relaxing, but an exciting day.

Photo of the Day:


1-5-2017 Day 5: Training Goldens

Thought of the Day: College. Nothing prepares for you for college. For me, I had two years preparation for college, because I was in the Early College Program. This program allowed for me to get my Associates Degree earlier. The program also benefited me because it basically paid for all of courses except for my textbooks. Some people treat the college years as a time to party around. No one tells you that college makes you go into debt, lose sleep,  go broke, stress out, and many other things that no one thinks to tell you about. Part of me wanted to be a doctor, but when I realized that Med School was long and expensive, I went with the other option, which was Audiology. I don’t want to be in school forever. Most people don’t know that I have been attending school since the age of 2 and I’m tired. The biggest thing for when I was transitioning from the Early College Program to real college is that I struggled with the lack of the consistency of a routine. I can go on and say a lot of negative things about college, but there is a positive side of college. I enjoy meeting different people in college who are more mature and realistic. The college that I attend is very culturally diverse, which is exciting to experience. Most of the courses that I have taken were enjoyable. The professors made it interesting and exciting for me to learn. If I had to pick one favorite class from this semester of 2016, it would be my Clinical Methods in Communication Disorders class. The professor was absolutely amazing in the way that she taught the course. There have been some courses that have had bad professors, but the good outweighs the bad. College is enjoyable, but stressful. It’s like a roller coaster that never stops.


Blast from the Past: 

This photo was taken 17 years ago. Molly and I.


Thank you so much for reading my post!Hope you enjoy reading it! Feel free to ask any questions or give advice. I feel like my post was kind of all over the place, so I’m sorry about that. Hope everyone has a great day!



Rikki Kolowich



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